Patient Reviews

“Staff is courteous, friendly and respectful. Dr. Cox and staff are genuinely concerned about their patients dental needs and impact upon their overall health. Appointments are timely and convenient. Care provided is detailed and thorough. I highly recommend this practice.”

— Rosemary H.

“The best dentist office on the east side of town. I highly recommend them. And if you’ve not found a dentist that you like, give Dr Cox and staff a try.”

— Melinda W.

“I love Dr. Cox and the staff. They are very friendly and everything is always done in a timely manner. Thanks for everything.”

— Shamika L.

“I hadn't been in three years and they got me in and assessed my teeth again and gave me what I needed to have done and got everything scheduled in a timely manner to have it all done...I am grateful.”

— Kim B.

“I must say I had not been to the dentist in awhile and I have much work to be done. I had come before to have a tooth pulled and I experience a pain free visit. Today, I had to have a root canal done. I was numb for the procedure and felt very little discomfort and when they saw there was little they took care of making sure i was pain free. It has been a few hours now and i have zero pain or swelling of any kind. Very nice and friendly staff. I am truly a coward to dentist visits, but coming to this office has always left me happy and satisified. I would truly recommend you to stop and allow them to serve you.”

— Katherne S.

“As always, a very good visit. Wonderful staff. Polite and always very helpful.”

— Stephen M.

“The staff at Stuart Cox's offic is ver professional and quite personable. I enjoy going in to have my teeth cleaned. Service was fast and proficient.”

— Melvin W.

“I love Doctor Cox. I've been going to him for years. He's always considerate of my feelings and that I'm so fearful of coming to the office. Although I'm still scared, things have gotten better over the years. I can't see myself going to another dentist.”

— Deneen S.

“All the staff were pleasant and so very helpful. I can truly say this was an awesome experience I would definitely recommend Dr Cox and all his staff. I look forward to seeing Michelle in April.”

— Martha A.

“Excellent service. Very pleasant and thorough.”

— Sarah T.

“This was my second visit to Dr. Cox's office and on both occasions, the staff made me feel at ease with their professional demeanor and caring attitude . I left feeling that my dental needs were not only met but exceeded. I highly recommend both Erin and Dr.Cox.”

— Roberta W.

“I have been going to Dr. Cox's practice for over 25 years. He has done quite a few procedures for me, such as replacing my old silver filling with white fillings, and he even put a cap on one of my front teeth. He did a very good job matching this cap to my natural teeth. I first took my son and daughter to Dr. Cox when each one turned four. His office staff and dental staff are all wonderful. I would recommend Dr. Cox to anyone.”

— Raiford B.

“It was great. Friendly people and quick service. Thanks for all you do.”

— Candice T.

“Great service... very friendly and professional staff.”

— Dave M.

“Always a pleasure to see the staff at Dr. Cox's office and Dr. Cox. They are caring and gentle and it is the best a dental experience can be for me.”

— Marie R.

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